The Biggest Thieves Of all

Written by David Jones – November 2019

White people like to blame the ANC for the problems of the country. Some of the common phrases we hear when white people gather around the braai.. “Its been nearly thirty years now, can’t they just get over it. We have a black government. The playing fields are now level and we need to forget the past and move forward”.

They like to portray the corruption within the ANC as evidence of the corruption and inferiority of all black people. This is just another form of racism. The ANC has never truly represented the people of SA. It has always represented an educated elite. Since 1994 it has not served as true representative or servant of the African people but has been bought and controlled by their corporate slave masters…..and has acted as their house slaves to keep the population in check and prevent any real revolution or re-distribution of wealth. It is a puppet regime serving white interests. And the puppet masters are the Oppenheimers and the Ruperts and the other white owners of the multi-national corporations – they are the true bosses of South Africa. They have deliberately put inept cadres in position in charge of state owned enterprises, to run them into the ground and to use that as an excuse to privatize them. First to steal the resources that these entities profit from from their true owners, the people of the country, and secondly that the corporations can then take over and continue to profit by selling back to the people what was stolen from them in the first place. This is not an accident. It is by design.

Zuma is condemned, not because he was captured, but because he allowed himself to be captured by the wrong people. Instead of the usual masters of the mining and tobacco companies, (the Oppenheimers and the Ruperts) he allowed himself to be controlled by a group of upstart Indians. (The Guptas). Our present government and leaders are back in the right (white) hands.

But white people like to be the victims. They even talk about “reverse racism”. But the whole idea that humanity is made up of different races is a European invention. That is why we hear it said, with some truth I believe, that black people cannot be racist

In truth the source of corruption has always been the white corporations that control our leaders and governments. They like to portray black people as natural criminals. But their thievery is minor compared to what the colonial governments and their corporate sponsors have stolen over the centuries. They have stolen entire continents, their people and their wealth. And now that is not enough anymore they want to dig up the earth and steal everything underneath it as well. The biggest diamond ever found, so big it had to be cut into 9 smaller pieces, was found in South Africa and today adorns the jewellery of the British monarch. Who gave it to her? The white bosses of mining corporation. This is just a start. A recent Aljazeera article estimates that Britain stole 45 trillion pounds from India alone. It is the wealth of the colonies that made the colonial powers wealthy in the first place. And yet they have the audacity to claim they bought progress and civilization to the colonies. What they actually bought was slavery, corruption and poverty.

Today in this country they are using new land legislation not to return land to its rightful owners, as feared by most white people, but to remove communities from the land they are living on so they can mine for precious metals. The politician involved will get the blame, but they are only getting a comparatively small bribe to make it happen. Once again the only ones who will profit are the (white ) mining companies and their owners. While people die of thirst and the dams of the country are drying up, they are selling the rights to our water to Nestle and other international corporations. This is part of a trend by international conglomerates to privatize the world’s water supply. At the same time they are limiting the individual’s right to harvest water. In the United States a number of cases have been brought recently against private citizens for collecting water. Golman Sachs has identified water as one of the top five investments of the 21st Century and predicted that it will soon become more productive (ie profitable) than petroleum.

In South American the corporations are taking over whole countries. In Brazil, Bolivia we see democratically elected leaders overthrown by right wing demagogues in the pay of the corporations. It is not by chance that Bolivia has the world’s biggest lithium deposits and that lithium is crucial for storing energy in the new green technology. They are moving to ensure that once the fossil fuels are finished they will own whatever replaces it. They also spend vast amounts of money undermining socialist regimes in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba. One day they will own the very air we breathe. Already in India and China there are “oxygen bars” where a client can pay to breath fresh oxygen. It is time now not only to stop them, but to start demanding the return of wealth stolen over centuries of plunder.

Author: theunderminer

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