SONA 2019: Extinction Rebellion

February 7, 2019

SONA 2019: Extinction Rebellion

Today, I joined an Extinction Rebellion demonstration in the Cape Town which took place in line with the 2019 state of the nation address by Cyril Ramaphosa.

I believe that every social ill: from gangsterism, drugs and gender violence on the ground in my community; to the corruption and abuse of power in the upper echelons of government – all stem from our increasing disconnection with the earth.

Somewhere in your soul you sense it too.

The devastation of our natural world is reflected in every aspect of our human experience today.

From global social and economic breakdowns, to the disintegration at a cellular level which is evident in the increasing prevalence of cancer and other dreaded diseases today. We are at the end.

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And the poorer you are, the harder it hits. At the same time, the less important it is. Our ability to notice or respond to the effects of climate change seem directly proportionate to our socio-economic circumstances. Affluence at any cost appears to be the answer and in places where hunger is real, basic survival takes precedence over the survival of the planet.

That’s the thing that gets me about climate change. That apathy one experiences in the community. It’s like apartheid managed to deposit us into climate zone Matrix which most of us cannot wake up from.

If we are to make meaningful changes to our circumstance, we can longer look to the government to make it happen. It shouldn’t sit in the hands of a few – even if they are more privileged than ourselves – to make a change. Awareness needs to be raised within our crime ridden and poverty stricken communities because this where the greatest benefit will be felt. This is also where the masses reside.

Listening to the president this evening, I am deeply disturbed that only a small mention was made about climate crises. More is needed. And it needs to happen now.

My take away from today’s experience and the SONA speech is simple. I may not be able to do much but I’m done doing nothing.

Afloat in the dream, it’s business as usual just a block away from the climate change protest.

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