March 15th International Climate Strike

The findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the consensus at 2018’s COP24 annual UN climate conference highlight the threat of ecological collapse due to human activity. They tell us that unless we change, our future is doomed.

It is evident that the media and government are not responding appropriately to severity of the scientific information. In order to reduce harm in the near future we must address the crisis unfolding due to climate change and biodiversity loss. The science is amazingly clear and terrifying and the response seems to be mainly denial about what is going on.

It is public knowledge that there have been vast sums of money spent on misinformation and attacks on knowledge and science by very powerful oil companies. There is a huge need for education about the problem and the solutions.

In our own Parliament in South Africa the CER and the subcommittee on environment have been pushing a climate change adjustment strategy for at least the past 8 years. This is still not being made a top agenda item in parliament despite municipalities around the country suffering from food and water emergencies. Environmental organisations such as, Greenpeace, Project90by2030, EarthLifeAfrica, SAFCIE, Seed and WWF to name some are all working together to highlight the nature of the crisis.

To help raise awareness and build momentum for change on the 15th of March there will be gatherings taking place across South Africa and the world. Time is running out for people to address the catastrophe unfolding in terms of the changing climate. Fridays for Future call on all people to take a stand to defend your planet.

Think about what life on earth really means. Ever feel that anxiety that something is deeply wrong? Perhaps it is the Earth speaking to you and trying to wake you up? What are you prepared to change to make a difference for the future? You don’t have to appear before parliament or your local government offices. You don’t have to appear in the corridors of the media companies or advertising institutions. You can make a start and take the time off to spread awareness to your friends about the need for change.

Author: theunderminer

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